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 Mario WildRocket
Hardware Request
Required Recommended Compatible With
Pentium 75/90
VGA Graphic Card
Local Bus/PCI  SVGA Graphic Card
All Sound Blaster Compatible
8mb of RAM
8mb(DOS) / 16mb(WIN95) of RAM
High Quality 16Bit Digital Sound

Comments from the Press
"Finalmente un picchiaduro che esce dai canoni. Basta con la violenza: diamo sfogo al divertimento!"
K, Pag. 106 N°10/97 Ottobre 1997, 890
"Fight'N'Jokes, un picchiaduro che punta tutto sulla simpatia e sulla giocabilità!"
Z, Pag. 15 N°7 Luglio/Agosto 1997, News
PC Game Parade
"Picchiaduro stile SSFII con sei modalità differenti di gioco tutte molto avvincenti e divertenti ambientate in ben dieci locazioni differenti!"
PC Game Parade, Pag. 142 N°56 Ottobre 1997, 80%
PC Game Parade, Pag. 68 N°54 Luglio/Agosto 1997, Preview
The Games Machine
"Un Picchiaduro Da Ridere ... FNJ è un picchiaduro 2D che, come dice il nome, punta tutto sulla simpatia."
The Games Machine, Pag. 23 N°103 Dicembre 1997, News

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The violence in games is an actual tendency, caused especially by the technological
overgrowth which gaved a chance to developers to give vent to immagination, sometimes
creating raging games.
Games like Mortal Kombat, Doom, Duke Nukem and Carmageddon have passed to history by the
frequent violence scenes, that in last games are more highlighted than before, and
surely this tendency will be increased in a little time.
Then the people interest is grown for violent games because in these games it's possible
to do something that you can't do really, then the bulk of users have opted for these
games to prevent stress; but not all people approved this method, because there are some
emotional players that can identify themself with a game's character.
Certainly this was the main reason that had caused polemics about Carmageddon here in
Italy, and was spoken about it for some days on television and on newspapers.

Surely Fight'N'Jokes isn't a game that will make talking about it for violence, on the
contrary, Fnj it's a game that purpose a really unique wit style.
It's sufficent taking a look to characters and backgrounds to understand that we are
in front of something absolutely ironical and ludicrous.
The graphic, the music and the code himself are caracterized by a look that makes FnJ
a product extremely interesting not only to kids but event to expert players that hunt
in a beat'em up for competitiveness and for playing technique.
Infact behind FnJ is lurked a game with an elevated playability that promise to users a
long time of carefree and full entertainment.
The selectable chararcters (10 and 4 secrets) have been animated totally on paper from
expers designers, and everyone it's marked by about 300 frames of animations completely
The graphic, even if is in low resolution, express the full meaning of a cartoon,
especially for the use of 256 colors created on purpose for every background.
The reason that maked opting the developers team for low resolution graphic was
certainly for assuring to players an optimal refresh rate and a good control speed that
are the base to reach a good gameplay, and not for creating a game with a very high
resolution and a stunning graphic where you can't have the full control of the play
(look at some of the latest beat'em up).
Infact the game flies at 50 Fps on a low level Pentium with the maximum of details.
Obviously there are some options that allow players to adjust game speed and even to
customize the refresh rate of screen, in order to have a good playability on older
computer, too.
Besides , to avoid annoying clashs with keys and especially to allow playing in 2
players using the same keyboard without trubles, it's possible to test all selected
keys with a special function.
Moreover in the game there are several secrets like secret super attacks , chain combos
and dementiality that makes the game some more interesting and longeval.
Thereafter Fnj cannot be considered like a dated game only for the low graphic
resolution or for the 'old' 2D style , but there are some features that are really
innovative and can be more appreciated by expert players and by fighting games devotee.
In the demo version there are not present the following features, that you can find in
the final version, actually available:
- Customize Frame Rate and Refresh Rate
- Chain Combo
- Secret Super Moves
- Dementiality
- Computer Intelligence
- More Sound Effects
- Digital Sound Tracks
Moreover in the demo version there aren't more graphical effects and there are some bugs.
Download Fight'N'Jokes Demo Version

Actually we are going to publish our game in Italy and in other Europe countryes.
If you are really interested for publishing FnJ in other country please contact us.
Contact The Nasty Brothers Software

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